Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Do You Realize What Today Is???

Today is the last day of my Chantix haze and the first day of my smoke free and drug free life.

12 weeks ago I started taking that little blue pill and hoping that today would become a reality.

I've been cutting down on my dose over the last few weeks and took the last 1/2 a pill this morning.

I did it. I really did it.

I didn't think I had what it takes to quit forever.

Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1999!

Ok, actually we're going to eat leftovers and drive my daughter to soccer practice, but you know what I mean. ;)

Hhhmmm...I wonder what else I could do if I set my mind to it?!?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Yep, It's Really Me!

Over 9 weeks smoke free and going strong. I actually thought about posting on here a few times (for the two people who actually used to read my blog!), but I forgot my user name and password. That's one of the Chantix side effects...loss of short term memory!

I am really a non-smoker. I am doing the "phase-out" of Chantix and have been cutting back on my dose each week. I am currently on 1/2 a pill twice a day, but will go to 1/2 a pill once a day in the morning. I am on week 10 of taking Chantix and I am really ready to be done with it.

It has been an amazing drug for me and made quiting possible, but there have been some side effects that I am ready to be rid of.

My mind has been in a fog for two months. I'm tired and crabby. Now, you could say that those are the side effects from nicotine withdrawal, but here's the thing...twice I have forgotten to take my dose of Chantix and I only realized it when I began wondering why I felt so good!

The other ongoing side effect I've had is constipation. I haven't had a good poop in two months, seriously. As a result, I've had lots of stomach pain, bloating and gas. I have gained 5 pounds, but I can live with that.

I hope that once the drug is out of my system I return to the normal, happy, pooping me I was before - minus the nicotine addiction.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

It's official!

I am pleased and proud to announce that I am officially a nonsmoker. Can you even believe it?!?

My daughter was in a soccer tournament this weekend. It was very exciting and stressful as a parent. Her team won her division. I had not one single urge to smoke or thought about smoking.

Then, we were invited to two parties. One was a soccer team celebration and the other was a photo road rally. We did the road rally with a brief stop at the soccer party. I figured that at some point I was going to have to break down and have a drink and just see what happened. So, after winning the road rally (yeah us!) I celebrated with a martini or four or maybe six. Guess what? Not even one single urge to smoke.

I rock. And, Chantix rocks. Seriously. I want to track down the geeky lab coat guy who invented this stuff and plant a big fat wet one on his lips.

I have tried in the past to quit smoking and failed miserably.

I feel like I have actually beat this thing and I can't wait to see what the rest of my life has in store for me! :)

Friday, August 31, 2007

Are all nonsmokers this stupid?

I've noticed an interesting side effect of quitting smoking/taking Chantix.

For the last few weeks, I have been unable to have a complete thought or remember anything more then my name, rank and serial number.

Seriously, It's like I've swallowed a stupid pill. And I'm afraid it may be a little blue stupid pill.

I'm talking about stuff like going to the movie rental place to return the movies, but realizing after I'm in the store that I forget them at home. Making a list for the grocery store, but still forgetting to buy 10 items on the list because I lost the list 1/2 way through shopping. Missing conference calls and play dates completely. Forgetting to pick up kids for soccer practice. Completely forgetting the names of people I have known for years, so I have resorted to calling everyone "Honey" and "Sweetie" and "What's-His-Name".

It's either early dementia or just a serious case of stupid. I'm just praying that it's temporary and will go away soon!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Guess What?

I'm three weeks smoke free!
Yeah, me!

Monday, August 27, 2007


I'm not having a good day.

I'm pretty stressed out.

It's over something stupid.

Something I can't control.

So I want to smoke.

I know it won't make it better,

but I still want to smoke.

Being a parent isn't fun sometimes.

I hate stress.

But, I hate smoking even more.

I won't smoke.

But, I really, really want to right now.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

On The Side

I just wanted to do a quick update on my side effects from Chantix:

Nausea - Is under control. I have my diet down pat and on the few occasions now where I'm feeling a little off after I take the pill I just grab a quick snack and it goes away. It's funny, because eating is the last thing I feel like doing when I'm nauseous, but it works!

Constipation - Is an on going battle. I used to be a cool hip smoker who did shots of tequila and laughed in the face of cancer. Now, I'm a Chantix addicted old lady non-smoker who does shots of Metamucil fiber therapy to stay regular. I need to get my groove back!

Nightmares - Have gone away, at least for now. In my very unscientific study, I noticed that when I stopped taking the anti-anxiety pills (after our trip to Tennessee) the nightmares stopped. Now, I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but I'm thinking the nightmares weren't from the Chantix. I still have the "vivid dreams" and frequently wake up during the night to go potty (damn all that healthy water I'm drinking), but I am actually getting some sleep.

Are the side effects worth it? You bet your bippy! :)